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Guest Blog – Natalie Segal, one of our Image Pro Scheme Members.

This month, we are delighted to feature a guest blog from one of our regular London Store customers and member of our Image Pro Scheme, Natalie Segal. A long-standing Páramo enthusiast, Natalie works in film and television production and requires high-quality gear to cover all weathers, on top of good layering to quickly transition to indoors when needed.

Velez Adventure Light Smock In Black

I first came across Páramo in 2014 when I was in Covent Garden looking for a waterproof cap for work. It was something that was hard to find at the time, but Páramo had one. I remember walking into the store, not sure what to make of all the jackets and their colours. The assistant greeted me and we started talking about what was unique to Páramo. He explained all the fabrics and how they worked. Along with finding the cap, I tried on the Lightweight Velez Smock. I bought them both, and I bought the Torres Insulator Smock. After I left the store it started to rain and the outside of my Velez was getting wet, and I was starting to feel the cold. I put my Torres over the top, having been told this is the way it works – insulators go over wet jackets. I couldn’t believe it when I took my Torres off and my Velez was totally dry, and I was warm. The Torres had drawn all the water away like I had been told. I was sold!

Working as a 1st Assistant Director in Film and TV Drama, the Páramo clothing range is perfect. Within the filming day, we can often be outside one minute, and inside the next. Páramo gives me all the layers I need to adapt to both these environments in all weathers. There is warmth in the grid base layer, practicality and nice designs in the fleece, protection in the jacket and warmth in the insulators. All the layers pack down easily as we move between sets, and all my options are with me. The original Lightweight Velez Smock is still going strong 10 years on. I love how it suits my needs. It’s kangaroo pouch, gives easy access to where I can hold my callsheet, pencils etc, the side zips free up movement, and allow me to hang my walkie-talkie from my waist bag belt with accessibility. The length is just right, not too long and movement is unrestricted. And when I get cold the Torres smock or Gilets, are there too, along with the Cascada trousers.

Velez Adventure Smock In Red

My work is freelance, so each year brings new productions and new cities/countries to work in. Between the jobs I will always visit Páramo’s Melcombe Street London Store. The friendly welcome I receive from the staff there is unmatched. Chris, Julie and Tanya are always glad to see me. They share with me what has been happening in the garments range; sometimes it is new lines, and sometimes it is design improvements or fabric changes. There is always something to try on, and more often than not I will buy something. It’s hard not to!

Outside of work I wear Páramo both in everyday life, and on holiday / outdoor adventures. I like the variety of Smock colours and fleeces, and nothing is too heavy or too bulky that it is too much if I want to take a few options! Another favourite is the Helki Jacket, a very practical everyday jacket. Yes, designed as Men’s, but with a lot of their range, it works as unisex.

Velez Adventure Light Smock In Blue

My favourite jacket has to be the Lightweight smock for it’s versatility, and being lightweight. I love the Torres smock for a warmth combination, along with Cascada trousers at work. My fleece favourites would be the Ventura, and Bentu plus.

Natalie Segal

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