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PÁRAMO RECYCLING SCHEMEAll Páramo garments are covered by the Páramo Recycling Scheme which helps save garments from landfill and rewards the owner


If you no longer need your Páramo, we’ll take it back.

Img Recyclinglogon En Gb 150x150Páramo is always looking for the path of least environmental impact. The Páramo Recycling Scheme is our way of providing a safe route for disposal of unwanted garments. We’ll take back any Páramo product (except underwear), and either find it a new home, or recycle it into new fabric. As a reward for your effort in getting old gear back to us, you can expect a generous discount on new Páramo products.

What we do with your gear

Repair and re-use…

It is always preferable to re-use before recycling, so if an old garment can be refurbished at reasonable cost, our expert workshop will do so. Repaired and refurbished items then make their way to appreciative new owners via our second-hand outlet.

You can buy restored garments in great condition, and at a generous saving from the Páramo Re-store Adventure shop. All refurbished clothing carries a 12 month warranty.


If an item is beyond repair, it is stripped of any useful components and baled up ready for shipping to a specialist recycling facility. We aim to use a chemical recycling process which, unlike traditional textile recycling, preserves the value and quality of the material. This ensures the material doesn’t enter a spiral of “downcycling” which eventually ends up in landfill. Your old garment will become high quality fabric rather than cheap and disposable cushion filling.

Why recycle Polyester?

Recycling reduces the need for landfill…

By recycling polyester, we divert it from the main alternative which is to bury it at landfill sites. Creating new landfill sites is becoming increasingly difficult to do without destroying areas of natural habitat and aesthetic beauty. The less polyester we send to landfill, the less we have to dig up the countryside.

Recycling reduces carbon dioxide emissions…

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a greenhouse gas, and as such a driver of climate change. There are two ways in which recycling polyester can reduce CO2 emissions. Firstly, it eliminates the risk of the fabric being incinerated as a means of disposal, which would release the carbon locked up in the material. Secondly, it requires less energy to recycle polyester than is required to replace it with virgin polyester made from scratch. Most of the energy used in industry still comes from burning fossil fuels, so a saving in energy means a saving in CO2 emissions.

Recycling reduces the demand for extraction of raw materials…

The raw material used to make polyester is crude oil. Extracting oil from the ground is a dirty business, laden with environmental and social risks (see Deepwater Horizon, Canadian tar sands, Amazonian pollution). By recycling polyester, we conserve the material we’ve already extracted and help reduce the need for more drilling.

Our fabrics are uniquely suited for recycling…

The Nikwax Analogy fabric system is what makes Páramo waterproof clothing so durable and easy to repair. This same system, which avoids the need for mixed materials, membranes and taped seams, also makes our gear uniquely suited for recycling. It uses 100% polyester, which unlike most other materials, can be broken back down to its basic building blocks and reformed into new fibre.

Up to £50 off your next purchase!

For maximum environmental benefit we need as many Páramo garments to be diverted from landfill as possible. That’s why we’re offering a reward for every old Páramo garment that we receive. If you return a garment labelled Nikwax Analogy, we’ll give you a £50 discount on a new item worth more than £140 RRP. For any other Páramo garment you’ll get a £10 discount on a new item worth more than £25 RRP.
( See full terms and conditions below )

How to participate

Recycling your Páramo garment is easy. You can either send it in by post, or hand it in personally at one of our participating retailers including our own Páramo Brand Stores or bring it along to a Páramo direct event.

By post...

Please print, complete and send this form with your freshly laundered garment to the address below. Once we receive your garment and completed form, our Customer Service team will send you a confirmation email containing your discount code which can be used online or in our Brand Stores.

Páramo Recycling Scheme,
Páramo Ltd,
Unit F, Durgates Industrial Estate,
Wadhurst, East Sussex,
TN5 6DF.

In person...

Drop your laundered garment in at one of our Brand Stores, at one of our participating retailers or, alternatively, you can bring it along to any Páramo direct event.

You’ll be able to use your discount that very same day. Alternatively, the staff in our own brand stores or at Páramo events can arrange for an online code to be sent to your email address for use at a later date if you prefer.

Full Terms and Conditions...

Only garments made with genuine Nikwax Analogy or Páramo fabrics will be accepted into the recycling scheme. By entering a garment into the Páramo Recycling Scheme, the participant surrenders ownership of the garment to Páramo Ltd. In exchange, the participant will receive a discount on an immediate in-store purchase, or will receive an online voucher issued by Páramo HQ for use on the Páramo website. In either case, the discount will be awarded according to the following criteria:

In exchange for…

Any garment made using genuine Nikwax Analogy fabrics, and not specifically listed for exclusion. This includes garments branded as Nikwax Analogy Waterproof, Nikwax Analogy Fleece, and Nikwax Analogy Insulator.

Any other genuine Páramo garment, not specifically listed for exclusion. This includes windproofs, Nikwax Fleece, Parameta base and mid-layer garments.


Gaiters, waterproof caps, and of course any non-Analogy garments.

Underwear (briefs, boxers, microshorts and long johns) cannot currently be accepted for health and safety reasons.

Páramo will award…

A single use £50 discount applicable to items worth more than £140 RRP.

A single use £10 discount, applicable to purchases worth more than £25 RRP.

Conditions for use of discount voucher

Only one discount can be used at a time. The discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers including multi-buys, points schemes etc. It cannot be used against the purchase of ARWP items (as the proceeds from these go directly into the Aspira Fund).

The discount can however be used in conjunction with prepaid gift vouchers.

Online voucher codes will be valid for 12 months from the issue date.

The in-store discount applies to purchases made at a Páramo Brand Store or at Páramo direct events only, and cannot currently be used with third party retailers.

Páramo cannot take responsibility for any items lost in the post, and suggests that participants retain proof of postage.

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Read more about Páramo ethics

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