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Switch to Ecotricity and get a £100 discount on Páramo gear


Climate change is an enormous threat to wildlife and human welfare around the world. We’ve switched our electricity supply to Ecotricity to support the growth of clean energy in the UK and help develop new, greener technologies to replace fossil fuels.

We’re keen to encourage others to use their energy bills to make a difference. So, if you switch to Ecotricity, we’ll give you a £100 voucher to use on the Páramo website*. The voucher can be used on its own, or towards a larger purchase.

*Terms and conditions apply. Click here for full details.

It’s easy to switch and make a difference


Or call Ecotricity on 08000 302302, quote PÁRAMO, and they’ll take care of everything.

Switching takes 17 days on average and your voucher will be issued once the switch is complete. The voucher can only be used on basket values of £100 or more, and can only be used once.

We love the British landscape

The British landscape is beautiful; not strictly wild, but shaped by millennia of interaction between people and nature. Placed sensitively, windmills have minimal impact on the environment and harvest the power we use to enhance our lives. Renewable technologies represent a more positive and mature approach to using natural resources, an approach which enhances our relationship with the landscape.

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Did you know? The RSPB has built a windmill at their HQ in Bedfordshire. Click here to read more…

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