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Kit for Antarctica: Andy Rouse

I’ve always worn Páramo clothing in Antarctica, from my baselayers to the outer shell. In fact, I can honestly say that apart from my outer shell, I have worn EXACTLY the same garments for my last three trips there! Don’t worry, I have washed them! It shows that Páramo gear is built to last.

So let’s have a look at what I wear…

For my baselayer I wear either a Men’s Grid Technic baselayer or a Cambia baselayer. The Cambias are my original base layers whilst the Technic is a more recent, warmer, addition that allows me to put it to more use. A performance baselayer is essential to wick sweat away from your body in extreme climates like Antarctica; if it doesn’t then you’ll get cold no matter which layers you have on top. Same for the legs too. I use Men’s Grid Long Johns, they have a great fit and really cut down any chill up the legs from the ever present wind. So love your baselayers!

Gentoo Penguin (Pygoscelis papua) on iceberg Mikkelsen Harbour, Antarctica

For my mid-range I will generally choose one of two systems depending on how cold it is. I’ve always been a fan of the Torres insulating jacket as it can take getting wet and still retain warmth. However, sometimes this is overkill for what I need, so I use the Enduro Fleece as it’s snug, warm and has a nice hood that I can use if needed – hats can blow off in the wind which results in a comedy chase across the ice. Mid layers are important as they provide a vital insulating barrier between the warmth generated and retained by your baselayers and the harsh environment fought off by your outer layer.

Adelie Penguin (Pygoscelis adeliae) on iceberg from air Antarctica

So to the outside. As I said above I love the Torres insulating jacket and will wear this with the Enduro underneath, especially if there is no wind. But if I think conditions may change, as they often do on Antarctica, then I wear an Aspira Smock. This limited edition garment is part of our Aspira Fund partnership range where profits from certain clothing items fund small conservation projects. I have always used a smock rather than a jacket as I prefer to have a snug fit, no zips when I am crawling around and I like to be toasty warm. These days I wear a special version of the smock designed especially for me. It’s bright orange which means all my clients can see me when they need help! It also means I can never hide from the Captain’s gaze and am always being watched!

Akademik Ioffe © Andrew Prossin

Finally to trousers, often overlooked. Your outer trousers are vital for keeping your knees and rear end protected when getting low angles for photography. I have always used Velez Adventure trousers as they’re tough, uncompromising and do the job. I’m excited by the new Enduro Tour Trousers though and will try some of these out before this trip to see if they offer enhanced performance over my tried and trusty Velez.

Crab Eater Seal (Lobodon carcinophaga) on iceberg Antarctica

On this upcoming Antarctica trip I’ll be wearing all this Paramo gear and more – hope you will too!

8 thoughts on “Kit for Antarctica: Andy Rouse

  1. Andy Rouse introduced me to Paramo kit and I’ve been using it ever since. My wife has the Paramo bug also and trusts it to do the job whatever the weather.

  2. I have used Paramo clothing for several years now and own various jackets,smocks,trousers and layers which keep me protected whenever I’m out with the cameras. I shoot a lot of Husky Racing events during the winter months here in the UK and Paramo keeps me shooting whatever the weather conditions.

  3. No mention of gloves? How do you balance the need for warmth with being able to operate the camea / lens?

  4. Antarctica – Can’t think of a better place to try out my new Paramo gear!

  5. Hey Andy,
    Your pictures and experiences are truly mesmerising. You should be awarded a lifetime photographer award.


  6. I think I have photos of Andy wearing his bright orange Paramo gear on the Lofoten Islands a few years ago. Can’t miss him!
    Paramo clothing works #simple

  7. After a horrendous 2016 I could really do with a good break and relaxing trip away with the camera; and always wanted to photograph penguins too

  8. Fantastic gear for fantastic trips, makes for wonderful memories.

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