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Páramo confirmed 2017 Official Kit Partner for British Exploring

Páramo is supporting British Exploring during their 2017 expeditionary year as official kit partner. British Exploring CEO Honor Wilson-Fletcher commented: ”British Exploring is working to raise awareness of environmental issues through our programmes, and to ensure that we leave no trace behind us when we visit wild, remote and fragile environments. It’s a particular pleasure for us to work with an organisation whose brand is about both technical excellence, always a priority, and ethical manufacturing.”

British Exploring will stage 7 expedition programmes in 2017 for young people, visiting the Amazon, Himalayas, Yukon, Spanish Badlands and Iceland – as part of their work as a Youth Development Charity.

Simon White, Chief Leader Expeditionary Year Iceland 2017 gives his perspective on the work of British Exploring and the Páramo partnership…

“Summer 2017 will be my first trip with British Exploring. I will be heading to North-East Iceland as Chief Leader for the Expeditionary Year expedition. It will be a privilege to help our young Explorers to discover much – both about Iceland, and more importantly about themselves – as we spend 3 weeks exploring the wild and barren landscape that the volcanoes and northerly latitude have created.

Himalaya 2016, by Chief Scientist Naomi Holmes.
Himalaya 2016, by Chief Scientist Naomi Holmes.

Despite this being my first expedition with British Exploring, I have worked in the outdoor sector for around 20 years, and for much of that time have focussed on journeys, both wilderness and personal development. I currently work for Venture Trust, a small charity based in Scotland, that I believe delivers big results for our participants – individuals from a wide range of complicated, difficult backgrounds striving for what many in this country take for granted, a sense of worth and a direction to their life that they believe in and can pursue whole heartedly. The space and majesty they encounter on our wilderness journeys allows them to fully realise and express these intentions. We then provide the support to put these heartfelt intentions in place.

On expedition, Himalaya 2016 by Chief Scientist Naomi Holmes
On expedition, Himalaya 2016 by Chief Scientist Naomi Holmes

Through many of my trips into the wilderness, I don’t just have to look after myself, I need the effortless capacity to think about, care for and support others. Others, who unlike many of us, haven’t necessarily chosen the wilderness as the arena in which to learn and grow. But there they are nonetheless. This is when you need to be able to rely on the kit and equipment you have. Spending so much time in the Scottish Highlands, my Torres Gilet has been my comfort blanket for many years – 9 now I think! Layering that with my Velez Light Smock (again bought over 9 years ago) means I feel safe and comfortable and able to deal with whatever the situation throws at me.

The night sky, Himalaya 2016 by Hamish, explorer
The night sky, Himalaya 2016 by Hamish, explorer

Simon White, British Exploring Chief Leader Expeditionary Year Iceland 2017

Through the new partnership between such
principle-led organisations as British Exploring and Páramo, I and my Leader team will have more of that effortless comfort to support our Explorers. That’s something that will make our lives easier and allow our energies to be focussed where they should be this summer – on our Explorers.”

Simon White, Chief Leader Expeditionary Year
Iceland 2017

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