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Keeping Mountain Rescue Volunteers Safe and Comfortable

Páramo® Directional Clothing is a first choice for UK Mountain Rescue Teams

Sustainable clothing can also be high performance
Páramo Directional Clothing designs high performance functional clothing for people who are active outdoors in extreme weather. In recent years Páramo has received positive publicity for its strong environmental stance: it was the first outdoor brand to both sign up to the Greenpeace Detox Campaign, and to completely eliminate PFC (Perfluorinated Chemical) treatments from its clothing range. It is a less well-known fact that Páramo, for over 15 years, has been the leading supplier of weather protection for UK Mountain Rescue teams.

British Mountains are a tough test
They may not be high, but British mountains are well known for their potentially treacherous weather conditions. Cloud and rain can engulf mountaintops in minutes, for hours – and sometimes days – making navigation extremely difficult and dangerous. It can take a very long time to locate lost climbers, walkers, or casualties, and Mountain Rescuers have to be able to rely upon their clothing to keep them safe, warm and dry.

Durability is good news!
Páramo waterproof garments use a fabric system called Nikwax Analogy®. The system is extremely durable and can be renewed several times with Nikwax TX.Direct® in a washing machine. Indeed, many Páramo jackets that belong to UK Mountain Rescue Teams are still working hard after more than 10 years of use. Reliable, durable and functional gear is invaluable for Mountain Rescue – and other charitable organisations – who depend upon financial contributions and government grants for their existence.

In summary…
Páramo Directional Clothing has long been tried, tested and trusted; with durable, comfortable fabrics making its garments suitable for a variety of demanding outdoor situations. However, you do not have to be a mountain guide to benefit from, and enjoy, Páramo. Staying warm and dry in variable conditions and demanding situations can help all of us to extend our comfort zones.


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  1. As I often walk the same hills that the mountain rescue teams work in I would be very interested in the specific clothing items the team wear. Thanks

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