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We are excited to announce that KEEN, the values-led outdoor footwear brand, is now stocked in our Páramo Brand Stores in Keswick, London and Wadhurst!

“We’re delighted to be working with KEEN in offering our customers footwear from a well-respected and reputable brand. KEEN’s ethical and environmental credentials, along with their emphasis on comfort and high performance, perfectly align with ours at Páramo and are what we expect from any company that we work with.”  Tom Snee, Head of Páramo Sales

Driven by a passion for life outside, KEEN is a values-led, independently owned brand from Portland, Oregon, that is on a mission to create original and versatile products, improve lives, and inspire adventures outside. Founded in 2003, it launched a revolution in the footwear industry with the introduction of the Newport adventure sandal and has continued to launch disruptive products and establish new standards for performance, comfort, and design.

As a family-owned company, KEEN has made doing good part of doing business since day one. By working with non-profit partners, consciously constructing its products, providing grant funding to grassroots organisations, and activating communities and individuals to protect the places where we work and play, KEEN puts its values in motion to leave the world a better place.

Cleaner water. Cleaner Conscience.
Tanning leather is a dirty process, so KEEN take steps to make it cleaner. They source over 95% of their leather (and they’re working on the rest) from tanneries certified by the Leather Working Group, the gold standard in responsible leather. They are helping them work toward solutions like a closed-loop water treatment process to reduce water use and eliminate water pollution.

95% PFC-free. 100% committed.
Perfluorinated Chemicals (PFCs) are commonly used to provide water repellency in outdoor gear and footwear, but these suspected carcinogens break down slowly and persist in our environment. KEEN have chosen alternative chemistry that’s safe and effective. So far, they have prevented 150+ tons of fluorinated chemicals from going into the environment. They specify 100% PFC-free durable water repellent treatments in their global supply chain (with a margin of error of 5%) and will continue to strive for 100%.

Industrial pesticides, no. Natural microbes, yes.
Let nature fight the funk. KEEN are eliminating odour, and over 7 tons of pesticides from going into the environment each year, by using a naturally occurring probiotic-based technology instead of pesticides. This easy choice effectively eliminates odour without heavy metals, perfumes, volatile organic compounds, and chemicals hazardous to human health.

Recycled plastic. Feels fantastic.
Many of KEEN’s new SS20 products use materials made with recycled post-consumer plastic waste, keeping over a million PET bottles out of landfills and oceans this season (in some styles, up to 9 bottles are upcycled per shoe). By using recycled PET plastic in their webbing and cord, KEEN are helping reduce waste, energy and water use, and greenhouse gas emissions.


  1. My favourite outdoor shoe. So glad you’re sticking them.

  2. Lately I have found with recent purchases the soles, and heels in particular, wear quickly and the boot or shoe is ruined by reheeling. I would be interested to know if this footwear wears as well as a traditional vibram sole.

  3. Great news about Keen footwear. Sounds exiting. Would definitely be interested for my next pair of shoes/boots. MG.

  4. Paramo + Keen = a perfect fit – same as I find both for me.

  5. Good news and good fit with Paramo hope you are doing the sandals which I wear all summer.Need to be as competitive as Cotswold though.

  6. This information has been very helpful thanks for sharing this post.

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