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Introducing one of our Customer Service stars…

Meet Jasmine Hutchings, our helpful and extremely patient Customer Services Administrator. Jaz joined Páramo in May 2021 and has since supported thousands of customers on their returns journey. She is integral to the smooth running of our Customer Services department, and we asked her to share with us a bit about her job…

Jaz Hutchings

Tell us about your role at Páramo, and the returns journey.

My role at the company is one of many hats, however, day to day I mostly deal with garments that are returned to the business. Perhaps our busy marketing team has arranged an exciting photoshoot, or one of our nationwide retailers has sent back items on behalf of their customers for recycling. Equally, it could be a week of processing website returns and handling garment repair enquiries, which requires close liaison with our warehouse and workshop teams. You could say I am the departmental go-between!

What do you enjoy most about your job and what do you enjoy the least?

I really enjoy methodical processes and efficiently completing large jobs that clean things up for people. Returns work, particularly, provides a valuable insight as to how we are performing as a company by highlighting areas that need attention, or identifying trends. I also enjoy buzzing around our East Sussex site interacting with different people.

A task I enjoy less is sorting out parcels returned to us without identification or notes, which takes a lot of time – more than people realise! Receiving proper paperwork from our customers and retailers is paramount if returns and repairs are to be processed seamlessly.

What is your favourite Páramo garment and why?

It’s got to be an insulator as I love feeling snug. The Torres range is extremely EXTRA when it comes to comfort and warmth – I am continually amazed at how I can put my cold hands into the pockets and be instantly relieved. Magic!

What are the most common returns you receive? And any bizarre returns or requests?!

Most commonly, I receive web returns due to sizing mishaps. Whilst we do include all our measurements and sizing tips online, it can be hard to know exactly how a garment fits from referencing a picture or chart. A way around this is to visit one of our three brand stores, or one of our many trusted retailers. Páramo sales staff are extremely well trained and have expert knowledge on everything from sizing to fabrics to aftercare.

I also receive returns from customers who are not fully aware of their garment’s aftercare requirements – perhaps their jacket is wetting out and they don’t know why. So, I will get in touch with them to discuss our recommended cleaning and proofing steps.

As for bizarre returns, more than once I have received very old pants for repair…

Why is it so important to educate customers on how to care for their Páramo clothing?

When you buy a Páramo jacket you are investing in premium fabric technology that requires plenty of care and attention to keep it performing as well as we guarantee, which includes regular cleaning and re-proofing. As a company, we are committed to continuously educating our customers on the importance of ‘upkeep’ to a) avoid leaking jackets and b) prolong their garment’s life for as long as possible. We are passionate about avoiding landfill and ensuring our customers gear will keep them warm, dry and comfortable for many years.

Where is your favourite place to walk, run, bike or climb in the great outdoors – and why?

I have spent a lot of time living in the area around Ashdown Forest in East Sussex and it’s a place I really love. Not only is it a beautiful part of the country with lots of history (it was a medieval hunting forest, created soon after the Norman conquest of England) but I am also passionate about heathland flora and fauna, which covers its 65,000 acres.

I also enjoy holidays climbing and scrambling in Wales and once took on the Snakes and Ladders route in Dinorwig, which was fun – if a little terrifying!

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