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Meet the Team – Chris Kearns, Páramo London Store Manager

Meet Chris Kearns, our extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic London Brand Store Manager! Chris is responsible for the day-to-day running of our flagship shop in Marylebone and has a wealth of experience in the outdoor industry. Below, he answers some questions for us and fills us in on why he loves working for Páramo…

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What is your favourite garment and why?

My favourite garment would have to be the Velez Smock. It’s versatile, comfortable and has a very unique look, I can wear it snowboarding or cycling and it doesn’t look or feel out of place. I currently have the Velez Adventure Light and the regular Adventure Smock, but in true Páramo fashion I’ll be looking to get the new Adventure Smock with extra vents, you have to collect them all!

What advice would you give to someone looking to work in the outdoor industry?

I believe if you’re looking to work in the outdoor industry, it’s important to know it’s not going to be back to back mountain biking, climbing or hiking. That being said, it is a wonderful environment to be in, and offers a variety of roles, from design, testing and production to the logistical side of sales and contracts. What is fun for me is the fact that I am an end user introducing Páramo to other end users, I’m not just talking about a product for the sake of sales. It’s what I use and I want others to get the same enjoyment as I do out of it.

What is something you wish more people knew about Paramo?

The way in which Páramo garments are manufactured is one of the key aspects people should be aware of – Páramo produce garments with Creaciones Miquelina in Colombia instead of mass-producing and exploiting those in poverty with low wage factory work.
Creaciones Miquelina is a ladder out of poverty for vulnerable women rather than an industry which utilises it.


Where is your favourite place to spend time outdoors?

I have say, my favourite place to spend time outdoors would be the French Alps in winter. I know a lot of my friends are sun worshippers, but the moment you feel the crunch of snow under foot there is no place I’d rather be! The food tastes better, the air feels cleaner and you are miles away from the city.

Do you have any funny stories/experiences from your role?

It’s always nice to have fun, unique experiences with our customers! Although one thing that really amuses me is how keen some of our Páramo fans can be – there have been quite a few occasions when I have had a Páramo customer upselling the product to another customer simply by extolling the virtues of Páramo.

One of the biggest challenges I face in my role is teaching the customer about other forms of waterproofing other than membrane fabrics, and then getting them to take the jump towards the Páramo analogy system. Fortunately, pre-loved Re-Store Recycled garments help with this as they allow customers to try the Páramo system for themselves at a fraction of the cost.

What is the best thing about working for Paramo?

I think the best thing about working for Páramo is the feel of family within the company. Many companies I have worked with have thrown around the idea of “team” and “family environment” but it is only with Páramo you feel as though there is a genuine feeling of care within the company.

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