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Meet the Team – Marc Uren, Supply Manager at Páramo Clothing

Marc Uren - Paramo Clothing Supply Manager wearing an Alta III Jacket

Meet Marc Uren, our long-standing, knowledgeable and enthusiastic Supply Manager here at Páramo Clothing! Marc has been with Páramo for 25 years and is responsible for keeping our supply chain running smoothly. Below, he answers some questions for us and fills us in on why he loves working for Páramo…

What is the best part of working at Páramo and why?

I’m now approaching what will be my 25th year working at Páramo so its safe to say that it has been a big part of my life. There is a real sense of togetherness here and an openness to encourage ideas across the business. We continue to develop future projects and find new areas to explore meaning that even if you do work here for 25 years, there is still plenty to keep things fresh and exciting.

If you could only choose one Páramo garment which would it be and why?

My Alta III Jacket gets plenty of use and if I look after it, then it helps look after me. Whether its walking across a stormy Cornish coastline or standing cheering on my local football team in the pouring rain, my jacket is perfect for what I need it for.

What did you want to be when you were younger?

Probably a Ghostbuster to be honest but no ghost sightings yet.

I did study Film and aspired to break into screenwriting, but shyness defeated me on that, so I took a detour and became a wine maker at a local vineyard instead!

8 years later, fate brought me to Páramo. Interestingly I did manage to fulfil the dream of writing a film and even got to see it on the big screen thanks to many of the Páramo and Nikwax staff who helped produce and even act in it. DVD copies are available on request. Certificate 15.

Marc Uren - Paramo Supply Manager

Where is your favourite place to spend time outdoors?

When the knees were less creaky, nothing made me happier than kicking a football around on a playing field. I still do that, but a leisurely woodland walk makes me just as happy.

What does an average day at work look like for you?

As Supply Manager for Páramo, my day normally consists of checking in with the Purchasing and Warehousing departments so we can discuss and plan the day ahead of us. With the purchasing area, we’d check if there were any new orders needing to be placed with our suppliers and we’d also monitor any outstanding deliveries to make sure we are keeping on track with production schedules.

With the Warehouse and Distributions Team, we’d look at all orders scheduled to be despatched and organise most efficient ways of doing so.

Rest of the day would be answering e-mails, liaising with couriers, checking stock, updating prices, sourcing new components, and hopefully still having some time to catch up on talking about the latest TV show only one of us is watching.

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