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Páramo becomes an Employee Owned Trust

For 30 years, Páramo has engineered waterproofs that do not become obsolete – our garments are easily repaired and their waterproofing can be indefinitely renewed. To ensure the promise of durability and recyclability for Páramo People in the future, Nick Brown has sold Páramo Directional Clothing to the people that know it best – its employees.

Nick Brown wearing an early Páramo smock

With Nick reaching retirement age, the business needed a solution to provide a safe route to succession. This is why, 4 years ago, Páramo began the process of converting to an Employee Owned Trust (EOT) with the aim of maintaining continuity of values and staff, and future development.

On February 1st 2022 the process finally completed and, together with our sister company Nikwax®, and the Miquelina factory in Bogotá, Colombia, we became an employee-owned business. Run through an EOT, all employees now receive an equal stake in the companies’ futures, which in turn ensures brand social and ecological founding values are secured for many years to come.

“By passing on the business to employees, now partners, I feel that I am not only looking after them, but also looking after our loyal customers. Páramo users have huge affection for the brand and for their clothing, and I want this to continue. What we started 30 years ago, and was radical, is now the new goal for manufacturers worldwide. Nick Brown

Located in East Sussex, Páramo provides local employment in a small, rural village. It offers flexible working arrangements across all levels of the business and many staff members have worked at the company for decades. Páramo believes in transparency and is continuously striving for greater equality within the organisation – becoming an EOT will help to widen the support and opportunities offered to employees. We can achieve more working together; ensuring our principles are preserved across our value chain whilst continually pushing to improve and learn from each other.

Nick has always loved the outdoors and his passion for walking meant he was always looking for ways to enjoy it in comfort, which lead to the development of his unique membrane-free fabric system, Nikwax Analogy®, used in Páramo clothing. Our award-winning brand is the clothing of choice for Mountain Rescue teams and expeditionary workforces such as the British Antarctic Survey. Páramo was the first outdoor company to join the Greenpeace Detox commitment in 2016, eliminating PFC treatments from its entire product range.

Nick Brown today in his Halkon Jacket

With the transition of the companies to an EOT, people and the planet are at the core of a business strategy prioritising commitment to protecting the natural environment and improving people’s lives, which is why 1% of Páramo’s yearly turnover will be donated to social and environmental initiatives where real impact can be achieved.

Our vision is to be a world-renowned EOT demonstrating that innovative and successful companies can have a sustainable future, whilst ensuring we have a tangible and positive impact on society, our communities, and the environment.

Páramo – An extraordinary partnership.

16 thoughts on “Páramo becomes an Employee Owned Trust

  1. That’s fantastic news. Decency and integrity are all too rare in this day and age. Good luck for the future.

  2. I must surely be the worlds greatest advocate of (most) of Paramo products since my initial introduction in the mid eighties??. I have had truly exceptional service from the the many products purchased since then, also from Paramo Customer services and have always been delighted with the declared ethics of the Company. My best wishes to Nick Brown for a happy, but not too sedentary, retirement- do enjoy it to the full as retirement seems to pass very quickly as I can testify.

    My best wishes too for the future success of this great company.


  3. Congratulations, this is music to my ears!
    Well done all.
    I love all of my Paramo gear.
    Good Luck!

  4. Really pleased to read about the EOT development. Impressive and responsible, as always with Paramo!

  5. Happy Retirement to Nick & look forward to continuing to buy products from Paramo through EOT

  6. What great news! I’ve been a Paramo user for many years and greatly admire the Paramo ethos. I wish Nick and his family an enjoyable retirement and I wish the new owners every success in their new venture.

  7. I advertise the excellence of Paramo so often and to so many people that I think I deserve a gold star!

  8. I am a dedicated Paramo customer and have been since around 1997. When it comes to comfort, effectiveness, quality,durability, sustainabilty, customer service and values shining through, there is, for me, no other brand to match!

  9. Congratulations

  10. The best walking jackets ever, but impossible to find in Ireland. I bought my first one in Cork in 1996 and had to travel to Belfast in 2005 for my present one. Delighted that the company has been passed on to the employees, who have inherited a world class product that needs to be advertised more.

  11. Well done to everyone involved; brilliant company, brilliant idea. This is the logical and timely antithesis to unchecked, market-driven capitalism and is a sustainable pathway to a fairer more equitable business model.

  12. I am delighted to read that paramo has become an EOT .
    I am the proud owner of a Paramo smock and look forward to continuing to use paramo for many years to come .
    I am hugely attracted by the Ethical , sustainable approach of the company an wish you all well in the years to come .

  13. I rely on my Paramo clothing and wish the company well for the future. Thankyou Nick for all you have done

  14. Hi have been using your product for nearly 20 years for walking weeks .have to fleeces and trousers from the start may need to send 1 pair in for refurbishment.have a total of over 20 garments.

  15. Dear Nick,
    Thank you for keeping us warm and dry on every dog, walk, hill hike and mountain climb.
    Thank you for proving how possible it is for vision and principals to succeed without greed, selfishness and exploitation.
    May your star shine forever to remind us all that there are always two choices but only one is honourable.
    Enjoy your retirement.
    Peter and Gyll

  16. Love what you’re doing and all you represent. Here’s wishing you all success for many years to come.

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