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Páramo is the supporting wind beneath conservation project’s wings

As Ambassador for the UN Convention on Migratory Species, Sacha Dench campaigns to raise awareness of the problems facing many species and habitats around the world. Her latest expedition, Flight of the Osprey, is an innovative conservation project undertaken in collaboration with UN agencies, scientists, media and governments – and Páramo is honoured to have been chosen as its official clothing sponsor.


Flight of the Osprey

In August 2022, Sacha and her team of conservationists set off from the UK to accompany the osprey on its annual autumn migration across Europe and Africa, a 10,000 km expedition that is gathering vital data on the threats faced by this iconic bird of prey and other migratory species (as an apex predator, the osprey is a key indicator of the health of various habitats).

Sacha and head of logistics, Poul Brix, at Organbidexka in the Pyrenees

The osprey was once common across Europe but was driven to extinction in many countries, including Britain, in the 1800s. In recent years, with active reintroductions, it has been trying to make a comeback, however, threats and mysteries remain such as why so many birds disappear on their migration (70% of young birds never return to breed) and the root causes for these threats.

Sacha’s epic journey will take in 14 countries, rising seas and vast deserts on the migration route to Africa and is supported by high-profile individuals including Dame Judi Dench, Dame Joanna Lumley, Sir David Attenborough, and Sir Ranulph Fiennes. You can follow Sacha’s progress on an interactive map.

Members of the FOTO Team

2022 team kit list

As clothing sponsor, Páramo has kitted out Sacha and her team with gear that provides essential weather protection on their 10,000 km journey. From breathable, cool, lightweight legwear and shirts to durable, waterproof jackets and insulators – whatever climate conditions the team face, they will stay dry and comfortable.

“We’re delighted to once again be supporting the vitally important conservation work that Sacha and her team are carrying out with Flight of the Osprey. For thirty years, Páramo has been keeping people warm, dry and comfortable as they undertake momentous challenges around the world, it’s at the heart of our ethos!”. Tom Snee, Head of Sales

Charlotte O’Neill wearing Páramo. Photo by Abi Rowley.

Pajaro Jacket Men’s / Women’s directional waterproof jacket that is durable, quiet (without the rustle of membrane fabric) and comfortable. It has excellent ventilation for temperature control and generous pocketing.

Torres Alturo Jacket Men’s / Women’s – overlayering jacket providing fast block insulation and superior functionality in extreme or prolonged cold and wet conditions. It is helmet and harness friendly and can be packed down small into its own pocket.

Katmai Shirt Men’s / Socorro Shirt Women’s – long sleeved, lightweight travel shirt for men and women that protects against UV rays and biting insects.

Maui Trousers – durable, cool and lightweight cargo trousers for men that combine excellent articulation with practical pocketing.

Halkon Jacket Men’s /Alondra Traveller Jacket Women’s– durable, cool and lightweight travel jackets engineered to carry essential equipment without discomfort across multiple pockets.

Páramo Katmai Shirt

Flight of the Swans

Did you know Páramo also supplied the clothing for Sacha’s previous expedition, Flight of the Swans?

Between 1995 and 2010, the number of Bewick’s swans migrating from arctic Russia to northern Europe plummeted by more than a third – from 29,000 to just 18,000. In 2016, Sacha undertook the first ever air expedition to join their annual migration and see for herself why swans are unable to survive the journey.

Powered only by an electric paramotor (the generic name for the harness and propulsive portion of a powered paraglider), Sacha’s epic 7000k one-woman migration saw her cross the wilderness of the arctic tundra; enduring injury, snowstorms and freezing temperatures, and taking in altitudes as low as 100m. The voyage took in the swans’ entire flyway, lasted three months and provided a bird’s eye view of the challenges facing this critically endangered species.

Sacha Dench flies high in her electric paramotor

Páramo was invited to supply the expedition kit, which Sacha needed to be able to run, jump and fly in, and which was cold-tested in both Sweden and the University of Portsmouth’s extreme environment laboratories.

“The Páramo gear did a great job and my body withstood the cold well. With Páramo’s passion for conservation and their ethical stance on the environmental practices that impact our wetland habitats, it is great that they’re a part of the Flight of the Swans Expedition.” Sacha Dench

Sacha Dench

Through Flight of the Swans, the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust gathered first-hand evidence and information that is contributing to life-saving conservation action along the Bewick’s migratory flyway. To read more about the expedition, click here.

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