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All about the new Velez Adventure Smock from Páramo Product Developer, Emma.

Our popular Velez Adventure Smock has been improved for Autumn/Winter 2022 and we’d like to introduce you to one of our product developers who worked on the updates, Emma Winterbottom. Emma joined Páramo in 2009 and leads a team that creates intelligent and functional garments for outdoor people. We put some questions to Emma about the updated smock, which has been extending people’s comfort zone for over 20 years…

Why did you decide to update the Velez Adventure Smock for AW22?

Páramo has been designing smocks for most of our 30-year history – they have always been very popular with customers and employees (most staff members own one) and they receive fantastic reviews. We have also amassed a huge amount of feedback over the years as to how users would like the smock to evolve. This has been taken on board and we are excited to share the new and improved version with you!

What are the key updates and how do they improve the user experience?

Crucially, the updates to our men’s and women’s smocks are the same – it is extremely important for us moving forward that our ranges are gender specific in terms of fit yet feature equivalent.

Listening to feedback, some of our older smocks are rather boxy, so we have acted on this and made some fit adjustments. Unnecessary flap has been removed and we’ve been able to slim down the arms due to the addition of new vents. The overall fit is more gender specific, with the women’s now being longer in the body. However, we have not slimmed it down to change the fit completely and customers’ size in this style should stay the same. Ultimately, comfort has been improved and there is lot less fabric gathering under the arms and around the side of the torso.

The hood has been updated to match our “halo” hood construction used on the Velez Jacket because it offers a wider range of adjustment and is an extremely popular Páramo product feature. It can be stowed away when not in use and provides excellent field of vision and protection.

Ventilation has also been improved with the addition of long upper arm vents, positioned to offer effective on-the-move temperature control by exposing the arteries on the arms.

We have added a small and secure pocket inside the large front pouch pocket for valuables and regular-sized mobile phones. This is particularly helpful for me as I often forget to do up the pouch zip on my own Velez Adventure Smock and its contents regularly fall out when I bend down – including a new phone recently! The secure pocket helps to avoid similar accidents.

Finally, we have improved waterproof protection and comfort at the upper and lower back, and across the shoulders.

What weather conditions and activities is the Velez Adventure Smock best suited to?

Our Velez Adventure Smock uses Nikwax® Analogy® Waterproof fabric for superior weather protection and sweat management and I would recommend it for use during high energy multi activities in cold and wet conditions such as backpacking, cycling, climbing and snow sports.

The fabric has been rigorously tested in the Leeds University Rain Room to resist at least four hours of heavy rain (approximately five times the intensity of normal heavy rain in the UK) and combined with great functionality such as two-way twin zips and forward-facing arm vents for good temperature control, users will find the smock pretty reliable!

What advantages does the Velez Adventure have over other technical smocks?

Firstly, the Velez Adventure Smock has a unique twin zip design that means a backpack can be worn without affecting torso ventilation, and without compromising fit. Whilst competitor smocks often have a seam across the chest, they lack torso venting. Even recently, when researching other brands, we were not able to find similarly priced smocks with a twin zip feature.

Secondly, it will outperform breathable membrane smocks! Nikwax® Analogy® Waterproof fabric is both extremely breathable and directional, which means that water (in liquid and vapour forms) is directed outwards to protect your insultation. Whilst breathable membrane smocks allow moisture vapour to pass through them, they do not transport liquid water. In other words, when sweat production exceeds the Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate, or when the external temperature drops, condensation will occur and build up.

Thirdly, it is also true that Nikwax Analogy is so durable you could puncture the smock with pins, remove them, and still stay dry in the rain! Unlike coated or membrane-based smocks, the Velez Adventure can be easily repaired without compromising future performance.

Tell us about the design and testing process

We regularly review user feedback, both good and bad, and once we have identified upgradeable products, we commit to broad development timelines. A well-researched brief is then pulled together for approval before we move on to in-house prototyping and field testing.

Every single Páramo product we develop must complete – and pass – a rigorous testing period in the correct activities, environment and weather conditions the garment is designed for. This includes product updates to the range such as the Velez Adventure Smock.

After field testing, we undergo up to 5 rounds of sampling with our factory, depending on the complexity of the garment and if they can make it to the quality-controlled standards Páramo demands. Once we are satisfied our stringent criteria have been met and the product has passed various technical checks, we approve with the factory for bulk production.

Emma studied creative subjects at school and after completing her Textiles A-Level enrolled on an art foundation course, which was an entrance requirement for her BA in Costume for the Performing Arts. She graduated with a 2:1 from the London College of Fashion and joined Páramo as a seamstress before working her way up to Deputy Product Manager.

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  1. Very good to hear how the product has evolved, taking in comments from users. I’ve just purchased this product and can’t wait to give it a good test on Dartmoor, either walking or cycling. It was certainly great when working in cold playground as Bikeability Instructor.

  2. i prefer the men’s colours in the smocks. Is there much difference in the sleeve lengths and general fit ?

    1. Hi Catherine, the men’s smocks are cut for a more masculine shape but it isn’t unheard of for women to wear them if they don’t mind the fit. We would recommend heading to a retailer near you to try some on as this will be the best way to decide:

  3. Brought a Halcon couple years ago, unfortunately Zip appears to have failed any repair recommendations ??

    1. Hi Stephen, we offer an excellent repair service, take a look on our website:

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